Reviving the blog

It’s been about 2 years since I’ve posted on this blog, and in the meantime, a lot of great things have happened. I did an internship program at Harvard last summer in an amazing lab, working on biologically-inspired algorithm design under one of my Computer Science role models, and have been invited to return for another summer! I’ve almost completed my first year of grad school in the Computer Science department at UNM. I’m currently working with my lab and NASA on several tasks involving the Swarmie robots (pictured above–photo courtesy of NASA). I’m developing materials for the high school division of the Swarmathon competition and also learning ROS so that I can create a Python controller for the robots. Some of my lab-mates and I also co-founded a new ACM chapter on campus. So there has been a lot going on!

J. and I  also moved to a nicer place, and my health has really improved. That said, Albuquerque is still not a great fit for me weather-wise and I’ve never really gotten accustomed to the elevation here.

I’m going to talk about more robotics, computer science, mythology, and video game stuff in the future, but for now, that pretty much sums up how the last few years went. 🙂


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