Garuda cleared on first attempt! (WHM perspective)


So I’ve been leveling up my WHM by just working through ARR content and finally got to the Garuda fight. After watching a number of videos, I was convinced that we’d have at least a few wipes before the clear. She has a lot of tough mechanics to pull off as a group. It’s not really each single KO attack that’s so difficult–it’s the dwindling probability of each of 4 people avoiding each of the attacks successfully that zergs you. Even a player with a high skill level is going to mess up once in a while, and even with Swiftcast a WHM can only do so much.


Frigga Seidrsenna, ready to rock. Yes, my weapon and jewelry sucks. No, I haven’t finished the MSQ yet. I’m on it 🙂

So I put on my new 50 WHM quest gear, ate some hand-crafted stat-boosting food, made some chill-out tea, and got ready to rock. J. and I got our usual insta-queue (tank/healer combo),–and wow! We had 2 game mentors as DPS. I was really relieved but–I felt like I needed to do an extra-awesome job with these senpais hanging out! I announced my newbness and they were great about it, offering sympathy pats and assurances. Then BAM! We launched into it.

Garuda Mechanics

Garuda has 2 main phases to her fight, each with some wicked attacks and tricky mechanics if you don’t know what to expect.

Phase 1

  1. I suggest Stoneskin on everyone before the fight. If you have 2 players take a huge hit at once–which can happen a lot in this fight–Stoneskin can mean the difference between crisis control/MP drain and just popping on a Cure I. Garuda Phase 1 is all about positioning, positioning, positioning. Tank needs to pull her really close to the wall–AWAY from the stone pillars. Seriously. You will wipe if you lose more than 2 of those from the videos I’ve seen (unless tank uses the LB, which is best saved for DPS in her second phase). Her attacks can all damage the pillars. Casters need to spread out and not stand in the middle of the pillars. I took the far right and it was a great spot to be in. Tank and melee DPS need to look out for her Slipstream attack. She telegraphs it but there is no frontal cone. It takes a big chunk and can bring an undergeared tank down 50% in one hit. As a WHM I was on Divine Seal’d Regen and that was a huge help. Also got a few nice Cure II procs but had to cast it without the proc once or twice to get J. back up after a slipstream. Garuda also randomly targets a player during this phase for a ranged–and you should absolutely eat the attacks, don’t let the pillars take the damage. Since our 2 DPS were so super-geared and synced down J. had some problems holding hate but I kept him up.
  2. After a bit like this, Garuda will jump. For the first jump, she always lands back down right where she started. You must hide behind a pillar at this point as her attack after she lands will one-shot you, I don’t care how badass you are. Tank runs up and engages here again, everyone returns to spread-out position, repeat 1) until…
  3. I have seen Garuda do 2 different things in videos at this point–1)jump to center and spawn razor plumes or 2)jump to opposite side of arena and do one-shot attack. Since you don’t know which one is coming, at this point quickly run and hide behind the other side of the pillar. You must basically put the pillar in between you and her. Everyone can stack on the same pillar which has the added bonus of giving your WHM a chance to get out a Cure III if needed. If she simply jumps to the other side, tank should pull her back to the front and resume 1). If she does Razor Plumes, AOE them down like YESTERDAY. The tank should not move position to pick them up. The Razor plumes only hit the pillars which as I said in 1) are necessary for your survival. I was really excited to be able to pull off my crowning achievement here–I ran to the middle and Holy’d the hell out of those plumes (see what I did there?). They went straight down. Then it was back to full-time healing. Keep that Regen up at all times!

Phase 2

  1. So at about 40% HP–maybe a little lower–Garuda will jump again and land in the center, destroying all pillars. The amount of damage she does is directly inversely proportional to the amount of pillars you had remaining. In other words, no pillars = max damage. WHM should precast Medica (you don’t have Medica II…) and ideally have everyone on an active Regen to bounce right back from her attack. We had 3/4 pillars up and we made a smooth transition.
  2. Garuda creates a massive whirlwind. Players must stay inside the Eye of the Storm or take massive damage. She also throws out those nasty Slipstreams again, but now, everyone is within striking distance. It can be really hard to see which way she is facing and any clothie has a chance to get one-shotted here. I got caught by one and it took a full 1100 HP–luckily I was Regen’d at the time and was almost up at max.  This phase of the battle is all about the DPS you can do hard and fast. That’s why I suggest using the DPS limit break here.
  3. Razor plumes may spawn and damage party members. Ignore them at your own peril–general advice is to be patient and clear them out. You can still wipe at this phase.
  4. Burn, burn, burn!

All in all, I had a really amazing experience. I was expecting an absolute disaster and it went more smoothly than I could have hoped. I’d love to hear from other players about how Garuda went for you. 🙂




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