FFXIV Trials: Ifrit (HM), Garuda (HM), and Titan (HM)

First post-ARR impressions

As I got into more advanced content in FFXIV, I was getting exhausted playing WHM. I beat the game with an awesome party we gathered from the Party Finder with min-ilvl, and 2 DPS ended up dropping…it was so intense! Raid healing uses totally different dynamics than 4-man Light Parties, and frankly I wasn’t a big fan of it at first. And I really want to get through Heavensward before Stormblood drops in the summer, and not by rushing. There are definitely some eye-rolling segments of the story (see: “We’ve moved to Revenant’s Toll! No wait! We haven’t!” and also There’s this guy who says chocobos smell too gross to ride even though he is starving to death and you are trying to help him, and he’s my dad), but the majority of it has been really fun and I’ve enjoyed the Main Scenario Dungeons. I also absolutely love the music in the Ultima Weapon fight (have it stuck in my head right now, actually).

A Relic Reborn

Even though it isn’t strictly required to get your highest ivl weapon later on, I wanted to do the Relic Reborn questline as the idea of taking a weapon all the way through its transformations sounded really appealing. I also read ahead a bit and saw you can either keep improving and advancing your weapon and get a nice headstart on the next upgrade phase, or, alternatively, grind FATEs like crazy for crystals.

Another big bonus (and one I didn’t know in advance) is that you get a super-sweet title IMHO as a bard for completing your Relic Reborn quest chain. I now get to officially call myself The Godsbow.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 3.03.17 PM

I do love fancy titles.

But to get the Artemis Bow, I had to face three back to back Hard mode primals–Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan. And I was in MSQ gear (with the exception of a some accessories).

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 3.03.27 PM

At the time, I did not have these fancy iron pants.

So, I had no idea exactly how much the post-ARR gear boosts your vitality! Most Ironworks BRD gear nearly doubles your that stat when compared with your lvl 50 class gear–which translates to (hint, hint) survivability.

When I felt like a Lancer

I used the Duty Finder and get really fast queues for each of the three primals.

The Bowl of Embers (HM): First up was Ifrit. This fight was no problem. The mechanics were very similar to the original Ifrit fight, just a bit more intense in the frequency of the Eruption attacks. Ifrit also spawns 4 nails instead of 1 in the DPS check phase of the fight, but we had a BLM who used the LB and it was no problem to burn them quickly.

The Howling Eye (HM): Second I tackled Garuda. In a lot of ways I thought this fight was easier than the first one. But when we got to the second phase, where she spawns the wind circles I was dancing and dancing…until I fell down. I got stuck in a bad position where circles covered every inch of the arena in front of me, and stepping back any more would put me out of range and unable to contribute DPS to the fight. But no big, we had a SCH and a WHM so I was quickly raised and back on my feet. I was able to grab a better position and make a strong contribution to the rest of the fight, finishing with a nice stretch of Foe’s Requiem as we ignored the 2 adds that buff Garuda and just burned.

The Navel (HM): I was a little disappointed in myself for dying in Garuda, but I was super-motivated to defeat Titan Hard Mode and get my Relic! I had read it was by far the hardest of the three, and I hoped that my death in Garuda was mostly due to bad luck/positioning.

Well, I was just flat-out wrong there. I died three times in Titan HM. Three times. It was mortifying. I avoided his big cleave that pushes you off the edge each time, I avoided all of the rock bombs, but I got put in the Goal twice, taking damage and getting a debuff. After those 2 stacks of debuff I got one-shotted by just catching the edge of a Weight of the Land. I was raised and decided to stand right next to the one of the healers to make sure my positioning, etc. was correct. Weight of the Land was popping left and right, often overlapping, I was constantly dodging, looking to the healer when I wasn’t quite sure which way would be the best. I was really happy to be able to DPS on the move as a BRD during that fight…

So I thought I would make it. No more Gaol cages, dancing like the BRD that I am, telegraphing the SCH’s moves when I was unsure–then came a massive Weight of the Land zone, one spawned under both the SCH and I. I ran right just as the SCH did–they took some damage–but debuffed, weakened from the Raise, and sadly undergeared, I was one-shotted. The dread gray bar appeared. I had died in Titan HM for the second time.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 3.59.39 PM.png

Sadly, as a BRD, I earned this title this day.

The humiliation doesn’t end there. With 5% left everyone went into full burn mode. I did too! Except I got one-shotted again right at the end because I failed to dodge.

We finished the fight with me on the floor. I tanked that floor so hard.

The first thing I did after that was buy some damn Ironworks pants. I want to get the Ironworks set and rerun Titan HM to see how much of a difference it makes.

But I need tomes galore for that–and lo! There appear to be about a million lvl 50 dungeons to run now. Onwards and upwards 🙂


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